Good Reading: Chronicles of Lumis

Good Reading: Chronicles of Lumis

Been a busy few months – got married a few times, fought off a hurricane to do it, and am currently staring at a black silver ring that my partner put on my finger. Did you know that black silver is a thing? I didn’t. I don’t think there’s a metal out there that’s more me, you know?

There’s other news out there, too. I’ve gotten involved with a company called Lunar Games, the makers of a brand-new contested d10 table-top RPG called Endless Realms, and it is great. They’ve got this massive expansive lore that is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and an intuitive system with a surprising depth. I’ve gone to cons and explained the rules in ten minutes and had people get it, so the rules come easy.

But the crunch, I’ve been told, is only as good as the fluff. The fluff here is fantastic – full of new races that are entirely new and philosophical ideas based on balance that play out in crunch and fluff both.

As an example, I’d like to point you to the first short story anthology featuring the lore of Endless Realms, Chronicles of Lumis. I’ve got a short story or two mixed up in this tome, and it is definitely the sort of thing you should check out.

To wit: Chronicles of Lumis is a collection of short stories featuring eleven different adventures on Lumis, a planet within the Endless Realms universe. These 11 tales will take a deeper look into Endless Realms races such as the strange and foreign Ventelli, the canine Ulvar Kyr, and the playful Skidi. Readers will learn more about Endless Realms classes such as Barbarians and Animancers, as well as the many creatures and spirits that inhabit Lumis. Whether you are interested in Endless Realms for the roleplaying experience or just for fun, Chronicles of Lumis has something for all fantasy lovers!

The Lineup:

Born in a Blood Rain – an old sin comes back to haunt an Ulvar Kyr botanist, but can he fix his past mistakes before it’s too late?

Caledi Nights – Uriech is happy to show returning soldier Mibreas how things have changed since he’s been away, but the village isn’t the only thing that has changed.

Dengu Sphere – budding architect Ryuu has big plans to change the city of Taas’Saraan. The question is: will it work?

The First Expedition – a young Ventelli huntress sets out into the desert to prove herself worthy of her tribe and finds more than just monsters.

Gnarled Root and Livi – long before the tree people of Lumis made contact with the other civilized races, there was a Yakshi scout named Gnarled Root who met a young Skidi named Livi.

A Returning Solider – when a battered warrior returns from battle, she stops in a withered village and vows to help uncover what’s poisoning the fields and people.

Smoke Signals – a young lighthouse keeper and a ship’s Elementalist struggle to right the course of a stormy night gone terribly wrong.

Soano’s Search – Soano’s mother went missing while working in a strange, privately-owned mine in Libertas, but Soano’s search turns up more than he bargained for.

Valenti’s Ear – the famed Skidi Archaeologist, Veelo Mingo, is known for her daring adventures and thorough research, but there’s one thing Veelo has always wanted to do…

The War Spirit of Ilvale – a spirit named Aramaz will do whatever it takes to protect the people of her village. Can she awaken the memories inside her and rise again?

The World’s Library – an Al’Miren fugitive has one last chance to find the truth, but first she must find a way to release Monde, a powerful spirit of knowledge, by any means necessary.

Other writers on the docket include Andrew J Lucas, Alana Joli Abbott, Joseph Massaro, Katherine Weldon, and Ramon Martinez. You can check it out on Amazon right now by clicking here, and if you’re interested in Endless Realms you can learn more about it by clicking here.

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