Gentlemen Hecklers present Flatliners (1990)

Gentlemen Hecklers present Flatliners (1990)

Rarely in life, you might get a chance to see something utterly unique. It is the sort of chance that, when taken, will change you. Your life is clearly marked by this event: there was the you that existed before that moment, and the you that exists after. Those of us that have suffered through Flatliners before understand this as few people can, but if you’re lucky enough to be in Vancouver on January 10th, you can join us: the few, the proud, the changed.

Wondering what I’m talking about? Here, let me show you some of the wonders that await:

If ever a movie deserved whatever it is the Gentlemen Hecklers have in store…

Ah, yes. Them. The Gentlemen Hecklers. They’re back, three of Vancouver’s best comedians, Eric Fell, Shaun Stuart, and Patrick Mahlia, fresh from their adventure at the fifth annual Patrick’s Naughty Little New Year Bash. In one week’s time, they return to the Rio Theater to add their hilarious live commentary to one of the world’s most influential horror movies.

Influential, yes, but influential does not mean good.

The Hecklers, though? The Hecklers are great.

Doors open at nine, show starts at 9:30, and it all happens on January 10th. You can grab your tickets by clicking here.

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