Content Warning: Fanfiction Deathmatch Season One Finale

Content Warning: Fanfiction Deathmatch Season One Finale

It doesn’t seem that long ago – the last great North West Fan Fest was only a few years past. During it, someone had the brilliant idea of doing a live reading for erotic fanfic. Voice actors were called, the audience was allowed to participate, and one of the readers became a character in a shining example of Vancouver’s weird creative community.

A good time was had by all.

Jesse Inocalla of Mockingbird Media Entertainment is a man with his finger firmly on the pulse of the Vancouver scene. He’s polite and funny and possessed of a razor wit sharp enough to cut sunlight. He’s magic, is what he is, and when he saw what was going on at that long ago Fan Fest he decided to formalize it.

The result has been one of Vancouver’s raunchiest comedic acts, a free-for-all inclusive extravaganza of erotic weirdness. The first season featured a variety of authors showcasing the worst their libidos could offer, drawing from fandoms as diverse as superheroes, the nineties, fantasy, Disney, horror… you name it and writers have written it and read it in front of a live audience, unwilling to let anyone shame their kinks.

But it’s come down to this: the very edge of season one, the quickly approaching climax. Eight writers have come out on top and it’s up to their skills and audience appreciation to see which of them have blown their load and which of them will be a throbbing example to the rest of us.

Former champions David Marino, Lauren Wallace, Colin Amor, Mikail Korst,Tanner McCoolman, Mercedes Deutscher, M Birds, and Jenna Sokalski will go head-to-head, drawing on whatever they like to create the best of the worst examples of erotic fiction this side of Fifty Shades in a magical evening of laughter and absurdity.

In the words of Jesse himself: it’s time to see whose cuisine will reign supreme.

Taking place at the XYYVR on Sunday, April 22, the festivities start at 6pm and go straight through til 9pm. Tickets are strictly at the door and will run you a scant $10.

Give your consent and come on in. Be entertained. And say hi to Jesse while you’re there, because he’s good people. 

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