Critical Hits Show

Critical Hits Show

With the modern popularity of role-playing games in general and Dungeons & Dragons in particular, and the massive hit that is Critical Role, one might think that a six-year Vancouver-based ongoing live D&D campaign would be super popular, and one would be right.

Led by one of Vancouver’s local wunderkind, Eric Fell, the Critical Hits show is an ongoing adventure starring Ian Boothby, Joanna Gaskeell, Shaun Stewart, Allen Morrison, Ellen MacNevin, Barbara Beall, and various volunteers from the crowd that get invited up on stage whenever Eric throws monsters at them. It’s weird, hilarious, awesome, easy to get into, and hard to forget.

They sometimes take the show on the road for convetions, but their home is the legendary Rio Theater. October’s show is a Halloween Spooktacular and takes place on the 28, with doors opening at 7:30 and the show starting at 8pm. Tickets will run you $12 at the door or you can click here to save a couple bucks by pre-ordering.

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