Do the Thing

Do the Thing

A couple days ago, we talked about the troubles artists of all stripes face when it comes to creating things. That was all well and good from a story-telling standpoint, but what about the practical end of things? What does that look like?

The practical side is that it’s easy to get easily distracted and lose track of the things you’re working on. There’s so much out there and so much of it is interesting; whether you’re an artist or a writer or a musician or whatever, who hasn’t had the urge to listen to a metal cover of Toto’s Africa at 2 am? Or watch something awesome on Netflix? Or read an awesome webcomic? Or…

Relax. Relax. There’s an app out there to help you do the things that make life worth living. You can find it by clicking here.

“But how does it work?” I hear you ask.

Well, my hypothetical friend, it works by attacking a psychological trick called executive dysfunction, which is where you want to do a thing but can’t. It works by allowing you to access the fuzzy thought-logic of the subconscious and make deals with it. You make deals with yourself and carry the work you do get done forward.

There’s no consequence to what happens when you don’t make it, but you can track your progress and see how much you actually have done and take comfort in that. I can’t speak for anyone but writers, but there is such a thing as the terror of the blank page, this horrible thing where you can see the words but your hands won’t type or write them.

Being able to see that you have done work helps. It alleviates the terrible spiraling guilt that comes from procrastination by showing you what you are capable of.

The single person behind this tool is Jill Binder, who will happily talk to you about the process of making thing as she hands it off to you. She’s also just really good people in general and if you’re interested in learning more about her, you can do so by clicking here.

If you’re ready to get started pursuing the things that matter to you and would like her to be of aid, you can start doing the thing by clicking here. Good luck, friends. Get the thing done. Like her, I believe in you.

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