Gentlemen Hecklers present Batman and Robin

Gentlemen Hecklers present Batman and Robin

Six years. It’s been six years and every month the Gentlemen Hecklers have brought us the best of the worst.

It’s an astounding accomplishment achieved by some outstanding people, though the roster has changed somewhat: one heckler felt the siren call of adulthood and got lost somewhere, but his compatriots stand strong and are keeping this thing moving: Eric Fell and Patrick Mahlia return to the hallowed halls of the Rio Theater, joined by the comedic talents of one Gina Harms, and they’re bringing with them a movie so bad it killed Batman.

Fuck that movie.

If you weren’t there you can’t begin to understand how terrible this was and how everyone around the movie knew it was going to die. Hell, Blade was just out and doing strong and this drivel gets dumped in our laps…?

This was supposed to be Bane breaking Batman’s back in the opening act, followed by Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze going to war with one another while a desperate Robin accepts help from Batgirl to try and keep the city together. It was supposed to be Batman recovering in the final act, helping Nightwing and Batgirl to take down Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze before going after Bane.

Instead, we got an affable Clooney not understanding anything about the character. The horrible miscasting of an Arnold that was aiming for family-friendly, the death knell of every action star. Uma Thurman left without anything to do. This movie killed Alicia Silverstone’s career and I don’t think the director or writers survived, either.

This movie is terrible.

Can Eric Fell, Patrick Mahlia, and Gina Harms make it more palatable? Of course, they can: these are professionals, the riffers that all other riffers aspire to be. The doors open this Wednesday, September 12th, in the year of someone’s lord 2018. Doors at nine, abomination-masquerading-as-a-movie at nine-thirty, and tickets will run you $14 at the door… or $12 if you click here and order in advance.

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