Gentlemen Hecklers present Green Lantern

Gentlemen Hecklers present Green Lantern

Last month was the end of an era.

For almost six years, the Gentlemen Hecklers have done their level best to defend us from the worst must-miss craptaculars that Hollywood has seen fit to inflict upon an unsuspecting public, providing hilarious commentary to movies that fell flat and died. The three Hecklers have stood fast against the most puerile junk imagined by cocaine-fueled movie executives, cracking wise and inviting laughter.

But, last month, one of the Gentlemen Hecklers stepped down. Shaun Stewart – dwarf, mathematician, and scholar – threw in the towel. Eric Fell and Patrick Mahlia are standing fast, though, and it begs a question: can they do it alone? Will they invite a third? Who will stand with them against the horrors that they face on a monthly basis?

We will find out on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, when Eric and Patrick return to the Rio Theater to heckle one of Ryan Reynold’s biggest mistakes: Green Lantern.

I’d like to say that it’s one of DC’s biggest movie mistakes, but, well…

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

Gods, that was awful.

I mean, where to start? The terrible story that missed the point of the Green Lanterns entirely? The horrible characterization? The awful even-for-it’s-time CG? Ryan tries his best to elevate this garbage but no one else is game and the result is, well.

Thankfully, the Gentlemen Hecklers are here to keep us safe. Eric Fell and Patrick Mahlia stand tall as they can, wielding the powers of comedy and insight to save the world from this monstrosity, and you can watch them eviscerate this awful movie live at the Rio Theater. Tickets can be nabbed at the door or you can purchase them now by clicking here.

Doors open at nine, peoples. The show starts at nine-thirty.

See you there.

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