Gentlemen Hecklers present the Howling Part II: Your Sister is a Werewolf

Gentlemen Hecklers present the Howling Part II: Your Sister is a Werewolf

Some movies are unwatchable garbage. It happens. We’ve seen a lot of them.

Other movies are so bad they hit the other side of quality and become good again, just not in a way the auteur intended. We’ve seen a lot of those, too.

And then there are some movies where you see them and all you can think is wut.

The Howling II is one of those.

On paper it sounds fantastic: Christopher Lee is in this. It’s a werewolf movie starring Dracula. He brought Marsha Hunt with him. Judd Omen, fresh off Dune, came along for the ride. Hell, the ol’Meatsack of Yor, Reb Brown, is in this movie. I understand the quality of those people run the gamut from legendary for reasons of great to legendary for reasons of not, but still.

So… some dude’s sister is killed by werewolves and he meets a guy who goes around the world killing werewolves when he finds them. That’s it. That’s the movie. That is everything you will ever need to know.

Here’s the trailer:


Why would you put yourself through watching this whatever it is? I can think of three reasons.

Three heroes.

Heroes of comedy.

Eric Fell and Patrick Mahlia will be joined by K.C. Novak at the legendary and saved Rio Theater this Tuesday, October 23, in the year of our Lord 2018 – thirty-three years after this unholy thing was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. The three of them will stand defiant, tearing this film apart with all the gleeful savagery one would expect from the movie’s monsters, though with perhaps a little more dignity. They are, after all, professionals.

Tickets will run you $14 at the door, or you can pay $12 ahead of time by clicking here and secure yourself a seat for this must-see craptacular. The doors open at nine, the show starts at nine-thirty.

Don’t you dare miss it.

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