Gentlemen Hecklers – Twilight

Gentlemen Hecklers – Twilight

Ah, Twilight.

Does it deserve the hatred it gets? There are various people I have a great deal of respect for that have become, if not apologists for it, then at least more open to the idea that it isn’t awful. It’s spawned some pretty great fan stuff and some pretty terrible fan stuff and remains… well, it’s terrible.

Yes, it can be argued that Twilight got more hatred for being popular and girl-stuff, but that doesn’t take away from the idea that there’s a hundred-year-old man stalking a teenager and there’s some pretty heavy abuse and stalking coding in here. That the protagonist is a cipher and the main love interest is a self-loathing narcissist and both roles wasted some pretty talented actors. That the vampires make no sense – and, no, I’m not saying upset that they’re pretty or vegetarian or whatever, vampires are fictional and serve the bonds of story, so as long as they’re internally consistent I don’t care about their trappings, but here they play baseball in thunderstorms because Stephanie Meyer couldn’t be bothered to make her own Quidditch.  

But you know what? It’s fine. This is fine. It’s fine. This is fine. Fine. If this is your jam more power to you. 

For the rest of us… blind hatred serves no one and nothing. If you’re going to mock a thing, you should understand it.

And that is why three of the greatest comic minds residing in Vancouver are prepared to stare unblinking into the true face of horror.

To wit: yes, Twilight deserves all the hatred it gets, and the Gentlemen Hecklers will explain why. At length.

And, yes. Them. The Gentlemen Hecklers. Back as always, strong as titans, funny as hell. Eric Fell, Shaun Stuart, and Patrick Mahlia. This Wednesday they return to the Rio Theater to save us from the first part of an immortal horror.

Praise them for their bravery.

Doors open at nine, show starts at 9:30, and it all happens on March 7th. You can grab your tickets by clicking here.

And if you like shows like this one? You might consider Saving the Rio. Click here for more details.

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