God of Comics – Captain Canuck #1

God of Comics – Captain Canuck #1

Captain Canuck #1 (Chapterhouse Comics)

I think I talked about this comic when it was initially re-released way back when. Issue number 3 is out today, by-the-by, and you should pick that up, too. Why am I focusing on this issue instead of that one?

Two words. One name. A well-earned expletive in the middle.

John Fucking Gallagher.

Gallagher is one of the most gifted artists working in the medium today. He does behind-the-scenes work mostly for a variety of projects, ranging from movies to comics to television to video games, and everything he touches is utter gold. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look for yourself by clicking here or here. He’s outstanding, down to earth, and one of the best human beings you could hope to meet at convention time.

Seriously, if you get the chance to sit down and talk with the man, do so. He’s ineffably kind and wise.

All that said… Captain Canuck is the hero and comic we need right now, one that is motivated by altruism and a belief that the world can and should be a better place. He’s a man with a rich brother who he was forced to walk away from because his family is one of the ones that is corrupting and killing the modern world. He did his part and walked away without want of accolade or reward, but because the price of heroism is sometimes fatigue.

Tom Evans is everything that Steve Rogers used to be – kind and just, the hope of his country could be at its best rather than the confusion that it often is. He’s what we Canadians hoped and still hoped that Justin Trudeau would be, the quiet progressive who works towards the greatest possible good. Writer Kalman Andrasofszky digs deep into the soul of our home and native land and shows us what it means to stand on guard.

Meanwhile, artist Leonard Kirk tweaks the design and weight in this, drawing some heavy inks that compliment the bright colors favored by Marco Pagmotta – and that’s before we get to the aliens that are currently invading the reservation near Flin Flon, the place where Captain Canuck grew up and where he’s returned to.

Why would aliens choose to invade Canada over America? A counter question: why would anyone want anything to do with America at this point? Canada is pretty stable, what with having a Canadian government back in place, and we’re definitely more polite. We are not, however, pushovers. So. Sorry, aliens. Maybe you should rethink your plans.

Anyways, give these comics a chance; they’re well worth your time and money. Remember what heroes look like and see how good a medium comics can be.

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Originally Published: JULY 24, 2017

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