God of Comics – Crosswind #1

God of Comics – Crosswind #1

Crosswind #1 (Image Comics)

It’s a brand new comic that we’re promoting sight unseen for one very important reason: Gail Simone.

Gail is fresh off wrapping up Clean Room, a mind-bending exploration of themes that leaked out of Twin Peaks and Lovecraft and was one of the better high-brow horror comics to simmer in the comic consciousness over the past couple of years. Gail is good at horror: the best comic to rupture out of the enforced grimdark nu52 was her take on Batgirl, which was both grim and dark and led to her run on Red Sonja.

When Red Sonja is the light and happy alternative to Batgirl, DC Comics was doing something wrong. They fixed that, thankfully, and we still have Barbara Gordon dealing with her serial killing brother and a complete take on the Red Sonja legend, so really every world is better off.

Gail is working with artist Cat Staggs, best known for some of the crispest line work you’re going to see in comics. Cat’s worked on a plethora of titles ranging from Indiana Jones to the Avengers to X-Files and Supergirl, and she brings an incredible level of detail and shifting perspectives to each. She’s got a talent for spotting the angles that work best for each tales she works on, and both Gail and Cat have come up with something that sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

We all remember Freaky Friday, right? Or any of that ilk of story, where two minds swap bodies (see also Farscape, because everyone should see Farscape)? It happens to people in fiction sometimes – Wolverine and Spider-man, for example. In this comic, it’s happening to a deadly Mafia hitman working out of Chicago and a random but downtrodden housewife.

So, good-person housewife is in the body of a killer and is going to have to deal with his politics and problems. The hitman is in the body of a housewife in a bad relationship and a bad place, and his tolerance for all of that is probably not going to be great. The reason for the swap is something they’re both going to have to discover but after Clean Room, well, I’ve already bought the ticket and I’m here for the ride.

You should be, too. This is going to be awesome.

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Originally Published: JUNE 20, 2017

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