God of Comics – Girls Next Door

God of Comics – Girls Next Door

Girls Next Door (Web Comic)

God of Comics. The name started as a joke – new comics come out on Wednesday, Woden’s Day, so we figured we’d have a little fun and speak for the All-Father. The implication, though, is we’ll cover anything that is a comic. We’ve done webcomics before – twice, in fact – but this is the first time we’ve covered a comic that exists solely on DeviantArt.

Here’s the set-up: two young girls are going to college somewhereand move in together. They each try to warn the other about the supernatural stalker that they’ve picked up and kind of bond over that, because one of them is Sarah Williams (from Labyrinth) and the other is Christine Daaé (from Phantom of the Opera).

The comic moves them into the modern day and sees them trying to attend school while their stalkers move into the same building, living directly below them. Erik and Jareth living together is about as weird as you’d expect, and they’re soon joined by the likes of Norrington and Elizabeth Swann (from Pirates of the Caribbean), Nanny Ogg (from Discworld), Crowley and Aziraphale (from Good Omens), and others.

And, yes, Christine has some Very Strong Opinions about the canon sequel to the Phantom of the Opera. She’ll tell us what they are at length, because the fourth wall is treated like a polite suggestion by this comic, and that plays to the strength and chaos of the overall narrative.

It also means that, yeah, you’re never going to see this published anywhere. Artist and writer Rebecca M. is making no money from this, but her clever pencils and fantastic sense of dramatic and comedic timing deserve it. She’s taken a number of characters from different times and worlds and put them into the same world and made it work, made it magical and strange and somehow natural.

It’s a fantastic body of work with more than three hundred pages of two young women trying to define themselves and their lives in spite of the mania and chaos around them and mixes fan service and tragedy and genuine emotion into a heady mix. It’s not going to cost you anything to read this except time and it is worth every single second.

Sometimes, the big publishers have no power to compare with something like this; Girls Next Door stands apart and equal and great. Rebecca M. is an angel of the pen who has composed something that even Erik would be proud of. All we ask is that you click here to enter the labyrinth. It’ll be worth every second of your time.

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Originally Published: AUGUST 1, 2017

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