Insomniac Radio: Blackened Call

Insomniac Radio: Blackened Call

I’m an insomniac.

Been one for years. There are periods of time where I want to sleep but some level of executive dysfunction keeps my body from shutting down. I become too tired to write, read, or even think clearly. I usually go on image searches in a half-cognizant stupor, and sometimes I find stuff on the interwebs that is a little more video and a lot more audio.

Some of that stuff ends up being, well, good. Some of it is even great. I’ll stick something on repeat for hours or days while working on whatever I have to work on, using the familiarity of someone else’s created excellence to push my own forward.

And now I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve found. When something crops up and my waking mind thinks it’s cool, I’ll share it here. Spread the word.

If you don’t know about the cutest black metal band ever, you can learn more about them by clicking here. Their comics are almost as good as their music, which sets the bar pretty goddamn high – and there’s so much to love in this video, from the old lady walking her dog in the background to the animated cheap VHS effects. This is spot on perfect in a way you won’t see this side of Dethklok.

The song is by the Belzebubs, featuring Hubbath on vocals and bass, Obesyx on lead guitar, Sloth on back up guitar and vocals, and Samael on drums. The video was directed by Samppa Kukkonen and animated by Samppa Kukkonen, Kalle Rantakallio, and Kari Pieska. I need more of this peoples. Please provide. You can learn more about the Belzebubs by clicking here, or buy the single by clicking here.


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