Insomniac Radio: Dark All Day

Insomniac Radio: Dark All Day

I’m an insomniac.

Been one for years. There’s periods of time where I want to sleep but some level of executive dysfunction keeps my body from shutting down. I become too tired to write, read, or even think clearly. I usually go on image searches in a half-cognizant stupor, and sometimes I find stuff on the interwebs that is a little more video and a lot more audio.

Some of that stuff ends up being, well, good. Some of it is even great. I’ll stick something on repeat for hours or days while working on whatever I have to work on, using the familiarity of someone else’s created excellence to push my own forward.

And now I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve found. When something crops up and my waking mind thinks it’s cool, I’ll share it here. Spread the word.

Oh, and a word of warning – this video is not safe for work.

Okay, where do I even start to explain why this is cool? Ryu from Street Fighter and Light Yagami from Death Note ride a Road Warrior War Rig into Santa Carlos – the Murder Capital of the World – to play a show with a singular composite of Kurt Russell action heroes, a singer named Indiana, and the sexiest saxophone player alive, the legend mortals call Tim Motherfucking Cappello. They are attacked by a vampiric Keither Sutherland who is leading an army of vampires, but our heroes have brought a security force of Buffy, Blade, and one of the fabulous Gecko Brothers. Also, the Frog Brothers are there.

Gunship can be found by clicking here, and are also on twitter, facebook, and instagram. The animation is by Angry Metal Studios, who you can find by clicking here.


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