Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Every year, a thing called Storyhive rises up to say hello and promote new voices in film. It’s a popularity contest – whoever gets the most votes wins the money and the grant and their film will get made. This year, Breanne Fultz has thrown her hat into the ring with a little project called Seven Minutes in Heaven.

You know Seven Minutes in Heaven, right? It’s a stupid game some kids play, where you lock two people in a closet for seven minutes. Sometimes it’s an honest expression of burgeoning sexuality, and other times it becomes a tool for bullying the unpopular kids. And then there’s this:

Powerful stuff, right?

Topical, well shot, interesting. You can vote for Bree’s project by clicking here, and you can vote every day until April 6th.

Get out there, peoples. Let’s get this made.

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