West Coast Geeks vs. Nerds Episode 40 – Secrets and Ice

West Coast Geeks vs. Nerds Episode 40 – Secrets and Ice

One of Vancouver’s best examples of live dinner theater returns for its fortieth show this coming weekend, with a new location and a new time to match the new showrunners. A whole new topic where actors, comedians, and show people use facts, fiction, and trash talk to determine which hallmark of geek culture is the best at a certain thing.

And it’s all in good fun – inclusive and ridiculous, designed not to prove anything definitively, but to entertain. And this is a thing that West Coast Geeks vs. Nerds does very well.

This coming weekend, on January 21 at the Kino Restaurant, West Coast Geeks vs. Nerds presents the answers to two questions that have plagued mankind for at least a few years.

First, a question that has hounded the secret corridors of power, looking for an office of power. Maybe an ottoman of power? You’d think the people in power would find a place to sit, and corridors aren’t all that great. Anyway, which secret agent is the most successful against impossible odds and ridiculous opponents? I feel the answer should be Archer or maybe Michael Westen, but the two candidates are Brock Samson and Solid Snake.

Arguing in favor of Brock Samson are Neoma Charles-Lundaahl, Rachel Charman, and Kia Vance, with back-up provided by Travis Carey. There’s some calamitous intent at work here, and they will have their work cut out for them as they come face to face with those representing Solid Snake – a team including Casey Por, Zach Taylor, and myself, with secret information provided by Jalyn Eutenier.

Which secret agent is best? That debate and the madness around it starts at 7pm. Get the goods, get the intel, and see just how cutthroat this show can get as we warm up to the main event.

Though perhaps warm is the wrong word to use when round two concerns Elsa and the Ice King. The chosen actors, comedians, and show people will try to let it all go as they determine which ice-wielding monarch is the most unstable.

The cool cats arguing for Queen Elsa include Jenna Sokalski, Danni Bergeron, and the Wicked Witch of the Web herself, Abbey St.Brendan. Hiding below those names like a rock troll is the incomparable Isobel Scott, but will even they be able to shake the resolve and stir the facts of the Ice King’s court? Asia Mattu, Greg Dalmage, and Davonna Struthers are ready to show their opponents a cold shoulder while Alex Severnski sneaks ice into their snowy information. It’s going to be a good time.

Which icy royal reigns? We’ll find out. The debate starts at 8pm.

You can nab tickets by clicking here, or purchase them at the door. If you’d like in on the show for future events you should know that West Coast Geeks vs. Nerds will be happy to put you on stage, and you can contact them directly by clicking here or listen to older debates by clicking here.

See you this weekend, kids.

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