Revenge of the Truth

Revenge of the Truth

Revenge. That’s kind of a loaded word. Revenge. But it fits.

Last week, we talked about why and how integrity was replaced with bullshit journalism. It was a fun little piece that I’m sure upset quite a few people. So, now, let’s talk about what happens when the other shoe drops.

Because it did. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but the internet changed everything. Suddenly, we the people had a means of producing our own content and sharing it with others. We now possess the means to share our experiences, which renders bullshit journalism increasingly more meaningless.

Want to know about a movie? Check out Rotten Tomatoes. Want to know about a video game? Check out any of the independent reviewers – proper gamers – that are reviewing them over on YouTube (we like Angry Joe and the rest of the crew at Blistered Thumbs). Book reviews? You can find a whole host of people talking about things on Restaurants? Yelp. Practically anything else in existence? will give you detailed and often hilarious reviews of almost anything else you care to name.

Need proof of how this is affecting the world already? The sitcom, forever the blanket shovel-programming dished out as an endless stream of mediocrity, is dying. What are we getting in it’s place? Television Epics – Breaking Bad, Luther, Game of Thrones. We the people are demanding the things we want, Neilson ratings and lowest common denominators be damned: as of May of 2013, Arrested Development is back on the ear after in was cancelled a decade ago.

We recognize quality. We recognize and define the things we want in the events and mediums and whatevers that we want, and we’re increasingly unwilling to put up with the lies that Bullshit Journalists were so willing to give us in exchange for whatever the perk of the month was. We are entirely done with that sort of garbage – we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

And not a single one of us is as honest as all of us together. We’re moving forward with an increasing amount of integrity, and that’s one of the biggest qualities any of us  can have moving forward; the truth of our words and strengths of our minds.

Welcome to the world of Living Myths. Liars and con-artists of all stripes need not apply.

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Originally Published: JANUARY 3, 2013

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