Bard By Trade

Bard By Trade

Holy Gods, y’all. I got fan art.

Why, you ask? Where from?

I’ve been working on a contract basis for the fine people at Lunar Games for a little more than a year now, creating experiences and adventures for Endless Realms – an RPG based on concepts of balance and using a contested d10 system. It’s pretty snazzy and I like it quite a bit.

Apparently, they like me, too, because they got their official artist – Jen Elliot, aka jocarra over on Deviant Art – to turn me into an Animancer (a sort of Cleric/Necromancer hybrid).

This is unspeakably cool and Jen’s opening herself up for commission work, and I give her my highest personal recommendation because look at that. It’s amazing.

Let’s get a little closer.

Okay. Wow. So… that said: are you looking for someone to run the best game you’ve ever played?

I’m pretty good at this and I’ll give you everything I’ve got: thirty years of experience running everything from convention one-shots that take over game rooms (some with as many as twenty-three people) to long-form campaigns (seven years at a stretch).

There’s options on tap in a variety of systems, and I’ll walk you through the rules, through character creation, craft a game and world that is specific for you and your friends. If you’re looking for something simpler, I can do that, too. Drop me a line and we’ll set something up.

My rate card, for those interested:

Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s create some magic.

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