Geeks versus Nerds: October Spooktacular

Geeks versus Nerds: October Spooktacular

One of Vancouver’s best shows came to us from the other side of the country – a little show called Geeks versus Nerds got a west coast variant and it’s one of the best things going in Vancouver nights.

Best described as dinner theater, West Coast Geeks Versus Nerds is a comedy show staged as a debate, where two teams of three compete with facts, trivia, and trash talk to prove some obscure some question that haunts geek culture. It’s a professional version of the whole “who would win in a fight…?” thing that pretty much all geeky people do at one point or another, presented as a show.

We get two debates per show, the opening and the main event. All debates follow a similar format: they are introduced by local celebrity Chris “Moo-man” Nyarady and his incredible hat, followed by a couple rounds where both teams introduce their side and talk about why the other side sucks. A who would win in a fight round happens, immediately followed by a special question that is unique to all debate, and then Chris opens the floor for five minutes of open debate.

Closing arguments are made. The winner is declared through applause.

Did I mention I met Bree at one of their earlier shows…? I did. West Coast Geeks Versus Nerds has been an all-inclusive party for six years now, and they’re still going strong. It’s one of the best places to meet people, have a drink and a bite to eat, and get the lay of the land.

And this month…? This month they’ve got something special prepared.

The opener asks a question that has haunted movie-goers for generations: between the Sanderson Sisters of Hocus Pocus and the girls from the Craft, which cruel witch coven should not be crossed? The Sanderson Sisters have shown up to debate before and won; they’ve defeated death and even if they are easily tricked they are massively powerful. The girls from the Craft are also capable of terrible things, but are a little more subtle in their mayhem.

Could go either way, I think.

The main event delves deep into the night terrors that hunt through the dark: Count Dracula. Freddy Krueger. Who is the biggest nocturnal threat? Freddy’s a dream-trapped tulpa serial killer with a fondness for killing the children of Elm Street. He’s unstoppable unless you’re a lucid dreamer or know the proper rituals and he’s got a wicked sense of humor. Vlad Tepes, on the other hand, is the King of Vampires. He’s conquered the United Kingdom in Marvel and once got the best of Apocalypse himself. He’s hypnotized Buffy the Vampire Slayer and knocked her back with a Xander chaser, built a castle on the moon to mess with Dr. McNinja, was the most terrifying of da Vinci’s demons, and holds a rare victory over Keanu Reeves. He even ended the careers of Leslie Nielsen and Mel Brooks.

Dracula is not to be trifled with, but does that make him the biggest nocturnal threat?

There’s only one place to find out: the XYYVR in Vancouver on Saturday, October 20, 2018. Doors open at six, with the show starts at seven and going til nine. It being Halloween, there’s going to be a couple of costume contests – one a general thing, and the other for people with costumes tied to the event. Tickets are $12 at the door, or you can nab ’em right now for $10 by clicking here.

Also, if you’re interested in debating for them and joining Vancouver’s thriving geek theater community, you can apply by clicking here. The casting director loves fresh faces and is snazzy people, so give it a try. It’s one of the best places to meet people.

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