Gentlemen Hecklers and Star Trek: Generations

Gentlemen Hecklers and Star Trek: Generations

The argument is constant and ongoing: Kirk or Picard, who is the greatest Starfleet captain?

The answer is “Janeway,” or maybe “Sisko.” But out of Kirk or Picard…?

It’s hard. Both of them are radically different people that come from very different times.  It could be argued that Picard makes use of the treaties that Kirk made possible, and Kirk gets a bad rap for being a womanizing git by people who are more familiar with parodies of the franchise than the franchise itself. Kirk is a gentleman with a penchant for dealing with absurdity and chaos and finding the best possible outcome for everyone. Picard is the calm voice who seeks the middle path in all things.

Both have been victimized by the movies: Kirk has become the frat boy many thought he was in the reboot, which feels more like Star Wars than Star Trek. Likewise, Picard is much more aggressive in the movies than he is elsewhere. It’s troubling and not great.

So the studios decided to combine Kirk and Picard in one movie and ignored the Star Trek Movie Curse, which says that the odd movies are doomed to be terrible. Here, check out the trailer for yourself:

Yeah. It was… a thing that happened.

It’s very much a thing that happened that attracts the attention of our favorite local comedians, the Gentlemen Hecklers.  Eric FellShaun Stuart, and Patrick Mahlia return to the Rio Theater tomorrow to add their hilarious live commentary to one of the most disappointing movies to have the word star in it while not also having the words phantomclone, or sith.

Should be good times.

Doors open at eight, show starts at 9:30, and it all happens tomorrow. You can grab your tickets by clicking here.

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