Gentlemen Hecklers present Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Gentlemen Hecklers present Hard Ticket to Hawaii

There are some movies that could only possibly be made in the eighties.

You know the sort: America flirting and deeply enmeshed in its love affair with racism, celebrating the stupidity and greed that America was seeing on the side, and adoring the big dumb action scenes that were making America great again. Hard Ticket to Hawaii is one of the best of these, as four agents undercover go to a place that America annexed to do… something. I mean, they’re fighting… someone. Does it matter? There’s an assassin on a skateboard~! Wowee~!!

This movie has everything – leads you can’t act, garish wardrobe, incredible idiot action, and one of the dumbest taglines you could ever hope for: Hawaii is a great place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to die there.

It’s everything that people think eighties action movies were, too self-involved to present anything as authentic, and it tries so hard to be liked while being so boorishly stupid that it’s hard not to laugh.

All of this makes it perfect fodder for the Gentlemen Hecklers.

Yes, the #genthecklers return to the Rio Theater, barely a week past the 30-hour marathon that two of them engaged in to #savetherio. Those two, Eric Fell and Patrick Mahlia, are joined by their brother-in-comedy, the fierce Shaun Stuart, three brave souls ready, willing, and able to tickle your funny bone and showcase their comic genius.

Doors open at nine, show starts at 9:30, and it all happens on April 11th. You can grab your tickets by clicking here.

And if you like shows like this one? You might consider Saving the Rio. Click here for more details.

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