God of Comics – Tomboy #11

God of Comics – Tomboy #11

Tomboy #11 (Action Lab Entertainment)

Intended for mature audiences. No shit. Let us count the ways.

Tomboy is a comic about a magical girl in the real world fighting government and corporate corruption. It’s a bloody mess that happens to be juxtaposed against a cute bright art style that makes the violence much more horrific on every level. And there is some terrible violence here, as a corporation has poisoned a town and paid off the government and might also have a god on their side because the magical girl is a god and doesn’t know it yet.

This comic is complex, guys. It’s probably the best thing to come out of Action Lab, which is nothing to sneeze at – Action Lab has some amazing stuff and amazing titles, ranging from Miraculous to Archonto Princeless, but Tomboy holds a special place in my heart.

Writer Mia Goodwin has spent her time on this title slowly building a complex mythology and world that feels like ours, only overlaid with some external and subtle force that is only just beginning to creep back into the edges of reality. The few in the know are manipulating forces far beyond their comprehension for their own ends, while other powers quietly move around the world to carry out their own ambitions.

Meanwhile, a mad god has been reborn in the body of a teenage girl and is hunting down the evils around her and exacting a terrible price for that evil but now everything is coming to a head and I need this is trade, Action Lab, I need trades of this comic the same way that I need oxygen or coffee.

Every last character has been expertly drawn out so that we have an emotional investment in everyone, and the art does a masterful job of conveying the passions of this world and everyone in it. We’re working towards what feels like a climactic bloodbath and this is one of those comics you’re going to want to read beginning to end. Hunt down those back issues and crack ’em open; this comic is worth the effort.

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Originally Published: JUNE 13, 2017

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