Insomnia Radio: Nic Cage Wants Cake

Insomnia Radio: Nic Cage Wants Cake

I’m an insomniac.

Been one for years. There are periods of time where I want to sleep but some level of executive dysfunction keeps my body from shutting down. I become too tired to write, read, or even think clearly. I usually go on image searches in a half-cognizant stupor, and sometimes I find stuff on the interwebs that is a little more video and a lot more audio.

Some of that stuff ends up being, well, good. Some of it is even great. I’ll stick something on repeat for hours or days while working on whatever I have to work on, using the familiarity of someone else’s created excellence to push my own forward.

And now I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve found. When something crops up and my waking mind thinks it’s cool, I’ll share it here. Spread the word.

That whole thing about getting obsessed with a song or sound? Yeah… my cousin was living with me and I had this on loop for three days before he noticed, just quietly wafting out of the office and into his brain. The only reason it stopped was because he noticed and freaked out about it.

How long has that been playing?”

Three days.”

Good god, man, why?”

I dunno. You want some cake?”

He still can’t eat cake.

Animation is done by Happy Harry Partridge, who will appear on this list again because of course he will. The song’s voice is, of course, Jolly Old Nicholas Cage, who I think gets a bad wrap. The song was also composed and mixed by Happy Harry, so far as I can tell, and he promised never to make anything else like this ever again.

My cousin will hold him to that promise.


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