LFGYVR – Gentlemen Hecklers present The Neverending Story

LFGYVR – Gentlemen Hecklers present The Neverending Story

Alright. Legit.

There was once an argument about whether or not movies were art. The established critics of the time looked upon movies as a passing fad, then did the same with talkies and color. I mean, they’re probably right about 3-D, but…

Over the years, those critics grudgingly give ground. The cultural junkfood of yesteryear becomes the high art of the future. Genre plays a big part in that determination, at least at first, but sometimes something is so good that even the critics of the day take note.

The Neverending Story was that level of good.

It hit the world like a freight train, and if the sequels failed the towering scope of the original, well, that’s hardly the fault of the original film, is it?

But the Gentlemen Hecklersthose comic critics of the craptacular – aren’t here to cover one of the terrible follow-ups. Instead, their plan is to highlight the absurdities of the original, to see how it holds up, to try and lighten the trauma-inducing nightmare of a certain swamp that those of us that have seen the movie have seared into our memories, and those of you that have not get to experience for the first time.

If anyone can do it, it is them: Eric Fell, Patrick Mahlia, and K.C. Novak. Still, this sort of epic task requires more comic genius than even those three can summon on their own… and this is why the prodigal founder returns. Yes, returning to suit and stage is none other than Shaun Stewart, long lost and oft-missed.

Good to have you back, man. Good to have you back.

The legendary Rio Theater is your doorway into another dimension this July 10, 2019. Doors are at 9pm, the show starts at 9:30pm and goes until midnightish. Advance tickets are $12 and can be purchased by clicking this sentence, or you can pay $15 at the door. The choice is yours.

But remember: the right choice is coming to the greatness that is this show.

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