Story Story Lie – Pillow Talk

Story Story Lie – Pillow Talk

There’s something great about watching masters at work.

Vancouver has some of the best and weirdest storytellers you’re likely to find anywhere – the city is a tapestry of artists and madness, where anything can happen at any time. You’ve got actors, writers, musicians, players, photographers, performers of every possible variety and type making their way through the weirdness of the city.

Jo Dworschak and her lovely assistant, Matt Loeb, sift through the best of these people and find some of the most interesting stories from among them, inviting those that have lived through the weird up on stage to share their stories in front of a live audience. The trick is that one of the storytellers is lying, and the audience can try to determine who’s telling the truth and whose spinning myth – and the first person to identify the liar wins a grand prize of some sort.

This month, on the storytellers include Conni Smudge (the Delicious Drag Queen), Eric Fell (a Gentleman who Heckles and Master of Dungeons & Dragons for the Critical Hits Show), Suzy Rawsome (Champion from the First Season of This very Show), Claire Pollock (star of the Dirty Betty Show), Ravenous Randy Myers (a local Pro Wrestler and possible future Hall of Famer), Kia Rae (an improviser from the Instant Theatre Company).

That’s kind of a great line-up. Will you be able to guess which one of them is the liar?

Will anyone?

There is literally nothing else like this, and it is fucking great.

Show is closed to minors, but you can see it live on Thursday, January 18th by grabbing tickets at the Rio for $12 or clicking here and paying $10 in advance.

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