Tell Me your Nightmares

Tell Me your Nightmares


Everyone has them. Some of them are so bad that they keep us up long after they’re over, scared of closing our eyes, scared of ever sleeping again. I’ve always found the waking world much scarier than my subconscious, but, well. Other people feel what they feel. We need to respect that. We need to help them deal with their fear.

Anne Honey knows this. She is a caregiver and she knows the power of sleeping fears and how to move past them – hook your nightmares and bring them into the light. Every month, she goes down into the Comedy Basement of Vancouver in front of a live audience. Once there, she reads nightmares people send her and awards them prizes, all while a couple of fantastically talented improv arts ply their craft.

It’s good times. And Anne never does this alone. This month, she’s joined by the incredible Callyn Dorval, voice actress and actual lady knight, and Emma Cooper, stand-up comedian extraordinaire. Anne and her guests try to interpret the nightmares using one of those dream guidebooks, the most offensively out-dated version they can find. Hilarity ensues.

Beat back the fear with comedy. It’s

I’ve been a part of this show in the past and have continued to troll Anne since, so that’s always a plus. The show takes place on January, Friday 19, starting at 7:30 and running til 10:30. You can learn more by clicking here or buy tickets right now by clicking here.

See you at the show.

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