The Lords of Lonsvale – Thomas Everett

The Lords of Lonsvale – Thomas Everett

Who Watches the Nobles? We do.

That’s what Thomas’ mother explained to him. It was his job – the job of their family – to watch what the other nobles did and bring them to task when they stepped out of line. They belonged to an order called the Swann Covenant, often sought and much-maligned. Other nobles learned politics-as-a-game, the finer points of manners, and how to score in a duel. Thomas learned that, too, but also how to follow a corrupt act to its source and how to eviscerate someone who needed it.

The law isn’t always just,” his father would tell him. “Always err on the side of justice.”

Thomas is a Noble Gifted Human Champion Fighter. He’s lawful good, which doesn’t mean lawful nice. He’s an incredibly skilled swordsman armed with a couple of longswords and a light crossbow, but he can pick up anything and use it as a weapon. He’s just that good. He’s strong, skilled, and noble – everything that a hero should be.

Reasons to play Thomas:

  • You want to be able to take a hit and hit people back. With a Sword.
  • You like the idea of protecting other people.
  • You’ve always wanted to hold power to account.

Starting August 8th, 2019, Bard By Trade will be running an original weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game entitled The Lords of Lonsvale every Thursday at Big Pete’s Comics and Collectibles starting at 4pm and going to 9pm. Buy-in is $20/session, payable in advance.

The campaign is designed for four-to-six players and will feature adventures that change every month. It’s all-ages and all-levels-of-experience friendly, so if you’ve never played before but would like to give Dungeons and Dragons a try this would be a perfect opportunity for you.

Sign-up sheets can be found at Big Pete’s Comics and Collectibles, where you’ll be able to pick a date and character that works for you, but seating is limited so get in now.

In the coming week, we’ll be posting information on the characters and a little bit about your world. If you have any questions, please ask them here or contact Big Pete and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks, and we look forward to playing with you.

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